WattFitness is a boutique training facility where it’s all about the workout.   We offer three distinct yet complementary disciplines –  SPIN, S&C and BOX – all highly intensive fitness sessions that will motivate, inspire and transform you in epic spaces with awesome playlists that ensure you smile while you sweat!

Be under no illusion, you will work hard in these sessions and we will push outside of your comfort zone but, if you’re committed to the challenge, we will help you achieve your goals.

30mins of high intensity full body exercises working at set intervals between the studio and the bike.

Bring your baby along to this Pre and post natal exercise class where we will exercise according to your bodies needs.

30min endurance based workout to kick start your day.

Metobolic Conditioning working at different intervals with low level skill exercises for 45min.

30mins dedicated to getting your core muscles activated to build strength and stability.

Let your instructor lead you in a 30 or 45mins spin session working at high intensity intervals to get your heart rate up and legs burning.

30mins Performance driven cycle ride using the bikes resistance and timed intervals to focus on strength, strength endurance, endurance or speed.

60 minutes of functional movements performed at high intensity for improve endurance, strength, power, speed, and overall health and fitness.

30 and 45min sessions using various pieces of equipment and body weight exercises to build resilience and strength.


High-intensity box class for 30 mins using the punching bag and body weight exercises.


High-intensity box class for 30 mins using the punching bag plus ab work.


A focus on skill and technique at the beginning of the class into a BOX HIIT to put it in to practice.